Bostitch Floor Nailer

Bostitch Floor NailerThe Bostitch MIIIFN Flooring Nailer is one of the industry standards.  During our research we found that this is the model that most rental outlets use.  What’s that tell us?  That the Bostitch floor nailer is durable.  If you are renting tools they are going to get used and abused and you certainly do not want to incur needless repair costs.

The Bostich floor nailer operates between 70 and 120 psi.  Reports are that it works best between 70 and 90 psi though.  This nailer provides up to 420 in/lbs of impact.  This is an important specification.  If you are installing harder woods you need to ensure that you have adequate force to drive the nails.  If your nailer doesn’t have enough force to drive the nails you could end up with split tongues or nails that bend or do not go in all the way.

This floor nailer is designed for every day use by professional floor installers.  It will not bug out on you after one or two rooms like some of the other models.  This durability does come with a price tag though. It’s probably going to run you double what some of the other models do.  Can you put a price on quality though?

Another advantage that comes with the Bostitch floor nailer is it’s ergonomic design.  Because it is designed for every day use it has a long handle designed to keep the user in a more comfortable posture to reduce back aches and other problems.

Now, the Bostitch floor nailer does not double as a stapler, and it does not shoot both L and T cleats.  The reason for this is that it is not designed to be an all inclusive tool for short term use.  It is designed for one purpose, to shoot L-cleats into hardwood flooring.  It serves its purpose very well.  You can try one of  the all-in-one tools but I doubt it will drive L-cleats nearly as well as the Bostitch.

Bostitch Floor Nailer Product Features

  • 1-1/2-inch to 2-inch pneumatic flooring nailer for driving L-shaped flooring cleats
  • High-speed; extra-wide composite base; high-capacity magazine; 420 inch-pounds of driving power
  • Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Includes rubber-tipped mallet
  • 7-year limited warranty

What others are saying.

It has an Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Not many negatives reported with the Bostitch Floor Nailer.  It’s professional grade and designed for every day use.

For a homeowner looking to install their own flooring it is a little pricey.  Don’t forget you can sell it after you are done to recover some of your cost.  Odds are you will recover enough that it will offset renting or buying an inferior model.

There were a few reports of nails falling out or partially sticking out of the gun towards the end of the stack.  This causes it to try to drive multiple nails at the same time.  It can also be detrimental to your flooring if you set it on the finished floor.  Without care you an easily scratch your finish.  Be sure to add nails before you get to the end of the magazine to prevent this.

Loading is easy.  First, you can quickly tell when you are running low as the loader moves with the nail stack.  To load you just drop the nail strip in and close the loader.  You don’t even need to pick it up off the floor.

It does not take much effort to activate it.  A tap will do.  However, it is durable enough that you can really rap on it if you need to set a board.

Unlike most of the budget models there are no reports of air leaks or the need to tighten the bolts frequently to reduce air leaks.  There are also no reports of the Bostitch Floor Nailer breaking after the second or third project.  It is intended for long term, every day use.

Read the full length customer  reviews here

Whats in the box

  • Bostitch Floor nailer
  • Floor Guard
  • Graphite mallet
  • Pre-finished-flooring adapter foot
  • Two base plates

It doesn’t have a fancy carrying case but I’ll take a quality tool over fluff packaging any day.


As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  If you are only installing flooring in one or two rooms you may get by with one of the budget models.  However, with the budget models comes concern of short lived reliability, and inferior driving power.  If you want a high quality floor nailer that will last, this Bostitch Floor Nailer is the ticket.  It’s more expensive but don’t forget that you can easily resell these nailers on Ebay or Craigslist if you will not need it after your project is done.

Where to buy

You can find the Bostitch MIIIFN at many retail outlets.  Currently Amazon has a great deal selling them for $479.00.  Click the link below to see it at Amazon.  Or, view our Floor Nailer Prices page for more options.

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